United Gamers Focus: Conflict management and decision-making Summary: United Gamers is a virtual world built to anticipate conflict, play out scenarios and advance early warning. The idea explored new ways to simulate decision-making and improve global conflict management. Description: In 2028, with the aim of defending life and protecting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were deeply affected by the effects of the 2020 pandemic, the countries of the world unanimously decided to create United Gamers. It is an international organization based in the internet to build a virtual world that mirrors planet earth, the Virtual Earth. This Virtual Earth serves as an observatory and laboratory to anticipate any conflict situation that puts the SDGs at risk and in turn acts as an advisory committee to test the effectiveness of public policy responses and preserve peace. The Virtual Earth simulates public dynamics in real time, for instance, the availability of health supplies and medicine, heat maps in crowded areas, reports of domestic violence, and other socio-economic, humanitarian, political and security aspects.