Natural Intelligence: The Voice of Nature Focus: Environmental conflict resolution and climate security Summary: This peace artefact is about a new form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) named “Natural Intelligence” (NI) that aims to give nature a voice in peace processes. It suggests a network of micro-sensors, nature-measuring drones and other devices to monitor the environment and humanity in real-time to advance political decision-making processes. Description: It is 2045. Colombia, a country known for its rich natural diversity, has spent the past years implementing an ambitious plan to mitigate the effects of climate change, extractivism, corporatism, and most importantly, its long history of violence. Scientists, citizens, indigenous communities, and other minorities developed a revolutionary technology to give nature a political voice, called “Natural Intelligence” (NI). It is a planet-centric algorithmic solution designed to elevate nature to the category of a transcendental agent in the constitution. Its operating principles are inspired by nature-conservation indigenous teachings. NI uses a virtually infinite network of micro-sensors scattered through ecosystems to collect data in real-time and analyze them. This innovation results in a stronger societal relationship between the public and the overall ecosystems to prevent conflicts and solve resource-related conflicts, including land disputes and water scarcity problems.