In Peace, We Believe Focus: Proactive dialogue and peacebuilding Summary: “In Peace, We Believe” is an interactive tool to facilitate conversations around conflict prevention, peace mediation, and peacebuilding, as a modern alternative of Major Arcana. It allows to explore the full scope of a potential conflict and pre-emptively facilitate new, innovative, and unbiased conversations to discover common ground based on mutual tolerance and just compromises towards a peaceful settlement. Description: In 30 years, peace is negotiated before a conflict can manifest. With the rapid advancements in technology, predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI), and behavioural psychology, emerging social and political tensions can be detected through global data aggregation and deep learning pattern recognition. AI takes over human diplomacy and helps mediate conflicts before they even occur. Sensory triggers are activated when certain emotions are detected to help the individuals build empathy with one another and de-escalate tension when required. A mix of mined personal behavioural data and live crowd-sourced input, reveal topics for discussion that are conducive to positive progress. These prompts facilitate a conversation with the collective human unconscious – a mirror into humanity, and an exercise for revealing valuable human insights.