Cultivating Social imaginaries toward flourishing peace Focus: Public participation and advanced inclusivity Summary: The Murmur Platform is envisioned as a democratic global participation and peacemaking network that advances future imaginaries to help reconcile, transform and orient societies powered by radical inclusion and participation of the global citizenry. It includes citizen wear that enabling individuals and communities to catch dreams, recall past emotions, embrace irrationalities, generate dissonance, and celebrate complexity. Description: By 2027, conflicts and peacebuilding will be defined and shaped by algorithmically considerations and past data points of human interaction. It will transform citizens into objects deprived of past and future imaginaries. As a reaction, the Murmur Community is born activating the global citizenry and seeking to reimagine peaceful futures as dynamic and reflexive processes with a plurality of voices to articulate social tensions, limitations, and failures. Part of the Murmur Community is the evolution of protest wear strengthening solidarity, activism, and self-protection. It responds to the experience of the Coronavirus, but also protects faces against algorithmic identification, and climate effects of extreme heat, cold, and UV light.