Afrikan Futures Catalyst Focus: Transformative change and sustainable peace Summary: The Afrikan Futures Catalyst Toolkit embeds concepts from the fields of futures studies, complexity theory and design thinking into a practical framework that centers people and the democratisation of ideas. It redefines the future of learning to better understand chaos and nuances of peace. Description: You cannot predict the future, but you can be part of creating a better future. The aim of the Afrikan Futures Catalyst Toolkit is to sensitize people to think beyond their own reality. It challenges the external Afrikan narrative of a continent in need of help, of saving, of rectifying, and development from the outside. As a part of quiet diplomacy, the classroom is a space where knowledge becomes a tool of radical peace by inspiring the actioning of information. This process disrupts colonial, anglo-normative constructions of knowledge, and as such, informs new tools for peace. This complex conscious approach allows for voices to enter those spaces that have previously been marginalised, and allows for the conversation to extend beyond the walls of academia. This is the future of learning. It understands the complexity, nuance and chaos and how this informs the world we live in now, and the one we are constantly creating.